Stocked Up on Chillies

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Yesterday I went to South Devon Chilli Farm to stock up on chillies. I got myself some Jalapeños, Cherry Bombs, Hungarian Hot Wax and a cool Explosive Ember chilli plant!

The Jalapeño is probably one of the most well known chillies. It can be used in so many different dishes. I love stuffing them as poppers or making salsa etc with them. HEAT: Medium

Cherry Bombs have a very think flesh a bit like a plum tomato. They are great stuffed with cheese and grilled on the bbq! HEAT: Medium

Hungarian Hot Wax are thick and fleshy and generally about 6 inches long again they are great stuffed with cheese and grilled on the bbq and have a similar taste to sweetcorn.  HEAT: Mild/Medium

Finally my plant the Explosive Ember. A beautiful chilli pepper. With dark purple leaves and purple peppers. The 2.5 cm long fruits change colour during ripening from dark purple to orange and end up bright red. HEAT: Hot

The South Devon Chilli Farm is awesome you should definitely go and visit. Their website is also really good, full of loads of useful chilli information and you can order online.

I can feel some Chilli recipes coming on!


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