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I was visiting Big Fire in Dartington for my usual catchup and was introduced to Longburn Lumpwood Charcoal from The Green Olive Firewood Company. I took home a bag and I was over the moon with it! The pieces of charcoal range from 3cm to 20cm. It lasts really well and has a great mixture of larger and smaller pieces. From their website it specifies the species used are generally dense hardwoods to ensure the best quality of lumpwood with a longer burn and more intense heat, and I can definitely vouch for that!


After looking on their website I realised The Green Olive Firewood Company had lots of great products! So I got stocked up!


I got some briquettes, a Swedish Eco Torch, Hickory Chips, Orange Chips and Olive Wood Chunks.

The Swedish Eco Torch is awesome for camping or parties. They are logs that have been cut in such a way that they burn as an instant bonfire in a controlled manner. You simply light the organic firelighter which comes with it in the core and the log will standalone and burn for different times depending on the size of the logs. The small log last 1-1.5hrs, the large 1.5-2.5 hrs, and the tall log lasts 2.5hr-3.5hrs. “The Torches are great for campfires and you can place a pan or kettle on top to cook or boil. They are also great for the garden and sitting with friends and family to heat marshmallows, or just enjoying the bonfire.”

I love the Olive Wood Chunks they have a light aromatic flavour and really do add a Mediterranean flavour to your food. The wood is very dense and therefor burns for a long time and gives an amazing smoky flavour to your food. I have used it with chicken, beef and fish and it compliments them all so well!

Orange smoking wood has I class as a medium smoke that gives a light fruity flavour that is more mild than apple or cherry. As with all smoking chips I recommend soaking the chips in water before using them to ensure they last longer and the orange wood goes really well with fish and white meats.

Overall I am really impressed with the products from The Green Olive Firewood Company, the quality is top notch and I will be ordering a pallet load of their lumpwood charcoal shortly after posting this blog post 🙂


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